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The revolution will be streamed

So much for the old TV business model.

I’ve watched the digital revolution from before the IBM PC. Technology forced changes in market after market — from giant linotype machines to desktop publishing, drafting tables to CAD systems, film to digital CCD. Each leap had one thing in common — the established companies hated the change. Kodak went bankrupt betting that digital photography would never be as good as film. Now it’s television’s turn. My family cut the cord years ago, but cord cutters are not the big problem. It’s my kids. They will never buy cable. The industry has a name for this — cord-nevers. (Continued…)

iCloud Keychain synchronization vs 1Password and Dropbox

iCloud keychain synchronization is more trouble than it’s worth. With 2-factor authentication on Google it causes no end of trouble as it tries to copy my Mail setup between my Mac Mini and MacBook Air. Additionally, keychain really only works with Safari, but I actually use four browsers — Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. And finally, iCloud keychain easily exposes passwords on iOS devices. My recommendation, use 1Password and don’t turn on iCloud keychain synchronization on your Macs. (Continued…)

Trying to connect Blog + Facebook + Twitter

I’ve had my blog linked to Facebook where it would import my blog posts as Notes. I’m not a big fan of this. For one thing, it can’t show all the photographs that I attach to blog posts — not that I’ve been posting a lot, but still. I’d rather have it post my blog post as a link with the title and abstract text and then link to the actual blog post. (Continued…)

Finally found the best iPhone note taking application

The Notes app on the iPhone has a lot to be desired. My contacts, calendar and email seamlessly sync through the Internet via MobileMe. But not my notes. That requires a cable and manually syncing with iTunes. Oh, and forget about easy syncing between two computers because it won’t happen. (Continued…)

What size to I set my browser for web design?

The short answer — 1000×600. The long answer. I recently reinstalled my computer and lost the settings in Web Developer for the carefully crafted window resizing I use when developing websites. I had to go back and retrace my research. So this post is about writing down the result so I won’t forget again. (Continued…)

The voices in my head speak English

I have two pet peeves about voicemail systems. Scratch that. I have about a hundred pet peeves but I just want to point out two. The first is why am I asked to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish? (Continued…)

Manually change Top Sites in Safari 4

Safari 4 Top Sites — The new Safari 4 “Top Sites” screen shows icons of websites you visit most. I would prefer to see only the sites I choose and in the order I want them. It turns out it’s easy to manually add sites not shown and arrange them however you want.

In the Safari 4 beta, the only way to add websites to the Top Sites page was to visit the website a bunch of times until it showed up or you edited a configuration file by hand. It was frustrating because I’d rather specify exactly what pages to show on Top Sites. I felt there had to be an easier way. With the final release of Safari 4, there is. Any website can be manually added to Top Sites. It’s quick and easy. (Continued…)

Quit typing like a spider

In 1994 I took a Sharpie and wrote out the alphabet on my computer keyboard. Then I took little pieces of clear tape and carefully covered each key to keep from rubbing off the newly written letters. Why would I do this? Because my hands were starting to hurt and I needed a better way to type. Dvorak was the key. Not the columnist but the researcher who created the world’s greatest keyboard layoutAugust Dvorak(Continued…)

Total Security is a Total Pain

Security is a pain. Too much security gets in the way of productivity. Too little and the world owns your bank account. Finding the right balance is difficult. For me, securing my laptop has proven to be a challenge. Sure, I can lock it down so it requires a drop of blood every time I wake it up, but that’s too painful (and I need the blood). So I found a decent balance that you may want to try. (Continued…)

Gmail, .Mac Mashup for the iPhone

The new iPhone has the best mail client I’ve ever used on a smartphone. When I first got my iPhone, I immediately connected it to my Gmail account. Unfortunately, Gmail uses POP to download messages. It started sending every single message from my archive — thousands of messages.

What’s worse is the lack of synchronization between my iPhone and the Mail program on my MacBook because of POP. If I delete a message on the iPhone, the message remains on Mail. I needed a better solution and it was Mike who came up with the answer. He suggested using .Mac and Gmail as a Mashup. Here is how it works for me. (Continued…)