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Finally found the best iPhone note taking application

The Notes app on the iPhone has a lot to be desired. My contacts, calendar and email seamlessly sync through the Internet via MobileMe. But not my notes. That requires a cable and manually syncing with iTunes. Oh, and forget about easy syncing between two computers because it won’t happen.

I’ve tried a dozen note taking applications. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. But none completely did the job. A note app should be simple, fast, sync over the net, and stay in sync with my two computers and the iPhone.

Finally, I found it — Simplenote.

It’s fast, almost as fast as the Notes app. It automatically syncs “over-the-air” to Simplenoteapp.com where you have a full web version of all your notes. Even better, it is integrated with Notational Velocity for your Mac desktop. Notational Velocity seamlessly syncs with Simplenoteapp.com, too. Even from multiple desktops.

And it’s all FREE. Notational Velocity is an open source project. Simplenote app is free as long as you don’t mind tiny ads on the screen. Or you can spend $9 per year (less than a dollar a month) to make the ads go away and upgrade your account with a few nice features — including the ability to add notes via email.

I love having a single place to jot down ideas, write outlines and even compose articles (like this one). If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch go check it out.