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The BEST way link Mavericks, Gmail, and iOS 7 to a custom email address

Image: Set up Gmail IMAP to NOT include most default labels. We will use “Deleted Messages” and “Sent Messages” instead.

Mavericks Mail broke my favorite method of linking to Gmail. I created a workaround, but it was a poor substitute. Fortunately, today Mavericks mail was upgraded to fix the problem. Now we can go back to the BEST way to set this all up. (This article replaces my previous Mavericks Mail article.) (Continued…)

Tips for managing your money

Managing money is challenging and important. Banks and credit card companies earn their fortunes from people who don’t understand where there money goes. Bank fees and high interest rates are much easier to avoid if you understand exactly where you are spending money. Here are some tips from hard won lessons in managing money. (Continued…)

Finally, the Neotribune

It started as a lark and grew into a passion. Something that consumed my mind day and night. After years of tinkering and testing we figured out how to do it — how to deliver the news, without the paper. (Continued…)